Branch Equipment
There are several pieces of branch equipment that can be hired at a cost of £5 per month. These include an embellisher, an overlocker, a smocking machine and a cord winder. An extra charge is made for embellisher needle breakages as they are expensive to replace. If you would like to borrow a piece of equipment please discuss with Chris Cook beforehand. She will also be happy to provide tuition on any unfamiliar equipment or to arrange an alternative day for pick up. Do take advantage as it is a perfect way to incorporate a different technique into your work without the added cost of buying an expensive piece of equipment.


Ambuter, CarolynThe Open Canvas
Appleton, LeRoy H.American Indian Design and Decoration0486227049A pictorial study of the design art of the American Indian includes motifs drawn from every tribal and regional craft
Ashby, Daphne J.; Woolsey, JackieWhy Not Embroider Boxes?9780954003029
Auld, RhodaMolas
Bailey, AnnetteAll about Machine Arts9781571202277'All About Machine Arts' is a comprehensive, up-to-date resource packed with everything the reader will need to know about decorative machine sewing.
Barley, CatherineNeedlelace9780713486889A progressive instruction course that covers both classic and contemporary needlelace. Illustrated with easy-to-follow diagrams and photographs, this guide helps you design and work your own patterns from the selection of component samples given here.
Bawden, JulietApplique Style9780304347698
Bawden, JulietThe Art and Craft of Appliqu?9780855339210
Beaney, JanA Sketch in Time
Beaney, JanThe Art of the Needle9780712619424This fully illustrated guide to needlework design describes a variety of techniques, including applique, quilting, stitchery, machine embroidery and patchwork. There are ideas on composition and scale and tips on how to interpret texture and colour, how to transfer designs and how to dye fabric.
Beaney, JanTransfer to Transform
Beaney, JanGiving Pleasure
Beaney, Jan; Littlejohn, JeanA Complete Guide to Creative Embroidery9780712645812In the first part of the book, Jean Littlejohn shows that anyone can draw and design and explains the simple principles which form the foundation of much impressive and complicated design work, including where and how to look for ideas and inspiration. She shows how some well-known embroiderers set about designing and gives a full account of how she develops ideas and embroideries on a theme. In the second part, Jan Beaney deals with practical stitchery and gives instructions and advice on a wide range of embroidery techniques as well as theme development and technical hints on methods of transferring designs, finishing and presentation.
Beaney, Jan; Littlejohn, JeanA Complete Guide to Creative Embroidery9780713482621'A Complete Guide to Creative Embroidery' illustrates a wealth of ideas from two internationally renowned embroiderers. It is divided into two sections: the first, ‘Design to Embroider’ by Jean Littlejohn develops ideas showing that anyone can design as well as decorate fabric and paper for embroidery. The second, ‘Stitched Images’ by Jan Beaney, illustrates how to colour fabric and combine this with stitchery. She then looks at ways of interpreting designs using appliqué, patchwork, quilting, and hand and machine embroidery. The final section gives guidance on selecting a theme. With the combined talents of two innovative embroiderers, this highly illustrated book is an inspiring source of colour, pattern, design, stitch and texture which will encourage embroiderers to create their own exciting and rewarding pieces.
Beck, ThomasinaGardening with Silk and Gold9780715304877Silk and gold radiate luxury, and embroiderers through the ages valued these materials, and with them reproduced wonderfully flowering embroidered gardens. This revised edition of Thomasina Beck's 1979 classic presents a cornucopia of ideas for those wishing to continue the tradition. Engravings, woodcuts, portraits and a wealth of embroideries, patterns, and pictures illustrate the intriguing parallel between the two arts. Specially commissioned drawings update these sources for contemporary patterns. 160 pages (95 in color), 75 b/w illus., 8 3/4 x 12.
Beck, ThomasinaThe Embroiderer's Flowers9780715399019
Beck, ThomasinaThe Embroiderer's Garden9780715391174Shows examples of embroidery depicting garden themes and offers advice on using canvaswork, patchwork, quilting, and embroidery techniques to represent flowers and foliage
Beck, ThomasinaThe Embroiderer's Story: Needlework from the Renaissance to the Present Day9780715302385
Beese, PatEmbroidery for the Church0289705312
Benson, AnnBeadweaving: New Needle Techniques & Original Designs9780806904016
Benson, AnnTwo-Hour Beaded Projects9780806942711Start simply with framed birdhouses, snowman Christmas ornaments, and decorative dish towels. Any design can be used for other projects. Includes three-dimensional ribbon, painted and mixed-media appliqu?, as well as ideas for appliqu?ing to non-fabric backgrounds such as paper and wood.
Bertin-Guest, JosianeChinese Embroidery Traditional Techniques0713487798
Best, Muriel; Lugg, VickyDesign Sources for Embroidery9780713455731
Beverley, DeenaEmbroidery. 200 Questions Answered9781844486601
Beverley, DeenaBrilliant Bags9781845331788'Brilliant Bags' gives all the information and know-how you need to make 20 gorgeous bags for every occasion - including rag rug bags, pocketed bags, storage bags, jewellery bags, handbags, shoulder bags, and clutch bags. The projects demonstrate a wide variety of techniques - beading, embroidery, applique, patchwork, hooking, fabric painting, tassel-making, knitting, and transfer printing - on bags of all styles, from hip retro to vintage florals.
Beyer, JinnyQuiltmaking by Hand9780972121828This book introduces new quilters to a simple yet versatile set of techniques that allows them to create sensational quilts entirely by hand. --from vendor description.
Book, AnchorThe New Anchor Book of Freestyle Embroidery Stitches9780715319178The decorative and creative possibilities of freestyle embroidery are explored to the fullest in this indispensable book. Starting by covering basic techniques such as selecting fabrics and threads, transferring an embroidery design to fabric, and working with a hoop or frame, it goes on to explain 48 stitches in step-by-step detail. These are listed alphabetically, from Antwerp Edging to Wheatear Stitch, for ease. It is often said that an embroiderer can create beautiful work from just a few stitches; however the 16 new and original designs included show just how effective the varied selection of stitches can be to add texture to a design and take embroidery into another dimension. Celebration designs, fantastic flowers and lovely landscapes will inspire the embroiderer to begin extending their stitch repertoire today.
Box, RichardDrawing and Design for Embroidery9780713478839An illustrated introduction to drawing and design for embroiderers, explaining how to transform what the eye sees into what the paper or fabric depicts. Based on the belief that all that prevents anyone from drawing and designing is fear, it offers reassuring guidance, particularly to those new to the craft of embroidery.
Box, RichardRichard Box's Flowers for Embroidery9780715399811
Box, RichardThe Embroidered Countryside9780713472721Presents an explanation of an embroidered fabric collage landscape pattern and directions, for each season of the year, and discusses different techniques for both hand and machine embroidery
Box, Richard; Fielding, SueCross Stitch Cats9780713483260Richard Box presents 23 projects for all abilities, complete with step-by-step instructions, charts, and color photographs.After a comprehensive section on materials and techniques, the chapters which follow introduce 12 different cats featuring several inspiring projects: both the main embroidery and a detail which can be used in an accessory such as a cushion, bag, or paperweight. The designs are worked in a variety of threads and color schemes, and each one is accompanied by the original full-color painting, design considerations, detailed instructions, black and white and color charts, and color photographs. The 23 designs range from beginner level to advanced, and feature a variety of cat breeds, from the fiery orange of Ginger the kitten to the grey and violet tones of Jenks, the Maine Coon cat.
Bramley, SylviaEmbroidery With Transparent Fabrics9780713456868
Bridgeman, HarrietNeedlework: An Illustrated History0709200455
Bright, SigridHardanger Embroidery0486235920Easy to do, yet produces fantastic results. Projects include doilies, tablecloths, scarves, many more. 50 illustrations.
Brinton; DianaThe Merehurst Book of Needlework9781853911095
Brooke, J.Machine Applique9781853680595
Campbell-Harding, ValerieMachine Embroidery. Stitch Techniques9780713486018
Campbell-Harding, ValerieTextures in Embroidery (Batsford Embroidery Paperback S.)0713446250
Campbell-Harding, ValerieFabric Painting for Embroidery9780713464429
Campbell-Harding, Valerie; Lemon, Jane; Pyman, KitGoldwork9780855327781'If you fancy having a go at goldwork, this book will certainly give you ideas as well as information on the techniques.' Needlecraft 'An essential and comprehensive guide... all explained in a reassuring no-nonsense manner.' Simply Crafts.
Carroll, MaryMaking Needlecraft Landscapes9780715387979
Clair, Kassia StThe Golden Thread9781473659056** A RADIO 4 BOOK OF THE WEEK ** 'Fascinating . . . The history of the world through the eye of a needle . . . I recommend this book to anyone' THE SPECTATOR 'A charming, absorbing and history that takes us on a journey from the silk roads to sportswear, from ruffs to spacesuits . . . I devoured this quietly feminist book' SUNDAY TIMES 'Joyful and beautiful' NATURE 'Will make you rethink your relationship with fabric' ELLE DECORATION All textiles begin with a twist. From colourful 30,000-year old threads found on the floor of a Georgian cave to what the linen wrappings of Tutankhamun's mummy actually meant; from the Silk Roads to the woollen sails that helped the Vikings reach America 700 years before Columbus; from the lace ruffs that infuriated the puritans to the Indian calicoes and chintzes that powered the Industrial Revolution, our continuing reinvention of cloth tells fascinating stories of human ingenuity. When we talk of lives hanging by a thread, being interwoven, or part of the social fabric, we are part of a tradition that stretches back many thousands of years. Fabric has allowed us to achieve extraordinary things and survive in unlikely places, and this book shows you how -- and why. With a cast that includes Chinese empresses, Richard the Lionheart and Bing Crosby, Kassia St Clair takes us on the run with escaped slaves, climbing the slopes of Everest and moonwalking with astronauts. Running like a bright line through history, The Golden Thread offers an unforgettable adventure through our past, present and future.
Collier, AnnCreative Design in Bobbin Lace0713423935
Conner, Wendy SimpsonThe Best Little Beading Book9780964595705This complete how-to book is the "bible for beaders", considered the best on the market. Beadwork is one of the oldest artforms. Today's beadwork is considered an exciting genre of art: many are rediscovering the unlimited possibilities of beads. The author is a third-generation bead artist - her grandmother designed beaded gowns and jewelry for the Ziegfeld Follies. Many of these vintage techniques and designs are included. The Best Little Beading Book has thousands of illustrations, including step-by-step instructions for hundreds of projects, depicting beads, supplies, and more. Chapters include: designing and creating jewelry; making beads with clay, glass, etc.; healing with gemstones; esoteric values and symbolism; starting a jewelry business; creating a portfolio; and lots more! The writing style and the diagrams are easy to understand. The photographs are beautiful, full color celebrations of fabulous jewelry that the reader can very easily make. A must-have for beginners and pros. Be sure to look for The Beading Book Series: The Best Little Beading Book, The Beaded Lampshade Book, The Magical Beaded Medicine Bag Book, The "Knotty" Macrame and Beading Book, The Beaded Watchband Book, The Beaded Jewelry for a Wedding Book, The Children's Beading Book, The Chain and Crystal Book, The Cat Lover's Beaded Project Book, The Wirebending Book, The Beading on Fabric Book, The After 8 Elegant Eventing Jewelry Book, The Holiday Beading Book, The Beaded Projects for your Home Book, The Beaded Tassel and Fringe Book and more soon to come! Many of these books are available in kit form, also. There is also a wonderful documentary which complements the series. The Bead Movement is a beautiful program which chronicles man's oldest artform, beads. It is available in 60 minutes, or a 30 min. director's cut. For information or ordering, contact The Interstellar Trading and Publishing Company, Post Office Box 67026, Los Angeles, California 90067; (310) 247-8154, Order Dept. (800) 790-8730, Fax (310) 247-0622, email Visit our website at Available through Ingram Books and Baker and Taylor Books, or by ordering directly from publisher.
Coss, MelindaFLORAL CROSS STITCH1854700138
Cox, Amanda; Phillips, Barbara; Magazine, NeedlecraftNeedlecraft Magazine's Complete Guide to Blackwork9781859810903
Cox, AnnBeginner's Guide to Silk Ribbon Embroidery9780855328351Step-by-step photographs show how to create exquisite, delicately embroidered silk ribbon flowers, with a small number of stitches.
CraftHardanger Embroidery Stitching Techniques
Craft, Potter400 Knitting Stitches9780307462732A comprehensive reference manual of hundreds of stitches is divided into eight categories--knit-purl, crossed and cables, slipped, lacy, double, twisted, cast-off, and fancy stitches--and includes an overview of basic knitting information and techniques, easy instructions and 440 full-color photos. Original.
Crafts, LeisureMaking Cushions
Cuela, Patti MedarisCreative Cloth Doll Making9781840924039Doll making is a craft which has been around almost as long as humans themselves. It is often seen as a traditional craft, but in recent years it has also become a popular pastime for younger, creative crafters. Many doll makers are now looking to create fashionable, contemporary dolls instead of the more traditional designs. This title shows how 10 top doll designs use the same original pattern to create 10 completely different dolls, each using a variety of different techniques and materials. Each doll has easy-to-follow, clear, step-by-step instructions and illustrations.
Culea, Patti MedarisCreative Cloth Doll Faces9781845430085The face is the most important feature of a doll - it is also the most challenging. Yet, surprisingly, there is very little instruction available on creating doll faces, which means that Creative Cloth Doll Faces fills a void. Author Patti Medaris Culea began her career in art as a portrait painter and she puts that experience to work when creating her doll faces. In this book, she shows readers a simple technique for easily creating faces using her step-by-step approach. She gives tips for how to divide the face into quadrants, graft features together and more. Every aspect of doll making is covered - from the basics to detailed techniques for making the various faces to instructions for putting a pattern together. Readers will learn how to use watercolour pencils, acrylics and fabric paints to colour a face; how to create a face using collage techniques as well as stamping and beading; and tips for working with stretchy fabrics to create indented eyes, separate eyelids and sculpted lips.
Curran, DoreenThe Magic of Free Machine Embroidery9781903975145
Curtis, BaileyInspiration to stitch0954141911
Cusick, DawnThe button craft book9780806931975A collection of innovative button handicraft projects.
Cusick, Joyce ElizabethCrafting with lace9780806904436Covers the history of lacework, techniques of sewing with lace, and instructions for making traditional and contemporary projects, including crafts using cutwork and Battenberg lace
Cy, DeCosseDecorative Machine Stitching0865732566
Cypher, CarolHand Felted Jewelry and Beads9781596680050Contemporary and artistic approaches to crafting trendy felt-bead jewelry are offered in this comprehensive handbook filled with detailed instructions for novices and more advanced tips for seasoned fiber artists. Techniques for creating the felted equivalent of lampworked beads, turquoise focal beads, and mokume gane look-alikes are presented along with inspiring design possibilities. All aspects of the feltmaking process are detailed, such as handling special fibers, dyeing wool, and beading on felt, as well as what types of tools are needed. Step-by-step instructions walk feltmakers through the needle-felting and wet-feltmaking techniques--including flat and three-dimensional work, inclusions, and texture applications--that are used to create wearable works of art.
Dawson, BarbaraMetal Thread Embroidery071343144
Dawson, BarbaraThe Technique of Metal Thread Embroidery071343919X
Dean, BerylEcclesiastical Embroidery
Dean, BerylEcclesiastical Embroidery (Batsford Embroidery Paperback S.)9780713462524
Dean, BerylIdeas for Church Embroidery
DeCosse, Editors of Cy; Company, Singer SewingQuilting By Machine0865732531
Deighan; HelenDyeing in Plastic Bags: No Mess No Fuss Just Great Colours!9780954033309
Dennis, KayBeginner's Guide to Stumpwork9350800028
Elbe, Barbara E.Title: Back to beadin Elegant amulet purses n jewelry usi9780965362214
Everett, HazelGoldwork9781844486267Provides instructions on the techniques and core stitches of embroidering with gold and metal thread, along with information on such topics as selecting thread, buying equipment, designing a motif, and framing finished work.
Fangel, Esther; Winckler, Ida; Madsen, Agnete WuldemDanish Pulled Thread Embroidery048623474645 traditional designs in the Danish pulled thread technique, with illustrated instructions.
Farrell, JacquelineBook of Waistcoats (A Quarto book)9781850766865
Fisch, Arline M.Textile Techniques in Metal9780937274934Applying the techniques of the fiber arts to gold, silver, copper, and brass.
Franklin, Tracy AContemporary Whitework9780713489644The term 'whitework' covers a range of traditional but much-loved hand embroidery techniques, including drawn thread work, pulled work, cutwork, Richelien and Mountmellick. These techniques have been around for centuries, but in recent years embroiderers have been developing them to create more contemporary and experimental pieces. This is the first book to cover the new, exciting whitework being produced today. It contains full instructions on the traditional techniques used in whitework, plus ways to explore and develop these techniques for more contemporary applications. Illustrated with a wealth of designs by the finest embroiderers and textile artists working in the field today, this practical guide provides an exciting snapshot of new trends within a traditional context. Covers : Tools and equipment • Threads and materials • History of whitework techniques • Stitch glossary • Shadow work • Pulled work • Drawn thread work • Mountmellick • Broderie Anglaise • Experimental work
Gardner, SueA-Z of Stumpwork9780975092057
Gibbs, JoaniferBatik Unlimited0823004600
Gierl, IrmgardThe Sampler Book (Hobby Craft)9780713628968
Ginsburg, MadeleineThe Illustrated History of Textiles9781851704460
Greenoff, Jane55 Country Cross Stitch Charts1854700138
Grey, MaggieFrom Image to Stitch9781906388027This book is about taking an image- a drawing, painting, digital photograph, computer design or photocopy- and, using simple methods, turning it into a piece of textile art. The author takes you through a variety of techniques for creating the image, such as scanning mixed-media artwork and digital photographs, or using imaging software to create exciting patterns and effects. No technical knowledge is required to use this book, as it offers easy-to-follow instructions, and the materials, technology and equipment are all readily available. But at the centre of the book lies the use of stitch. Having produced the image and transferred it to fabric, the next step is to enhance it with hand or machine embroidery. Innovative methods, both in the image transfer and the stitch, are simplified and broken down into the easy stages. Throughout the book, inspirational ideas are offered to get your creativity going. From books to bangles, panels, bags and vessels, the book offers all textile artists ideas to expand their creative work.
Griffin, Heather; Hone, MargaretIntroduction to Batik9780855326197CRAFTS/HOBBIES
Guerrier; KatharineThe Encyclopedia of Quilting and Patchwork Techniques9780747208495
Guild, Embroiderers'Making samplers9780715399910
Haigh, JanetJapanese Inspirations. Easy-to-make patchwork and applique projects.9781843401643
Hall, DorotheaContemporary Smocking9781861081414Smocking is no longer just a practical means of gathering fabric. In this manual, Dorothea Hall seeks to put a contemporary spin on this traditional craft. She combines exquisite fabrics and exuberant colours with highlights of twinkling beads and buttons, giving modern applications for smocking. There are instructions on all the basic techniques, along with a stitch library and a section on finishing. There are ideas for projects, ranging from the simple to the more complicated, and including: cushion covers and bolsters; curtain tie-backs; pot pourri; confetti sachets; a laundry bag; a shoulder bag; a baby's bonnet and dress; a house and garden sampler; and Christmas tree baubles.
Harding, ValerieFaces and Figures in Embroidery0713410981
Harker, GailCreative Machine Embroidery9780713488784
Harris, GillianComplete Feltmaking: Easy Techniques and 25 Great Projects (The Complete Craft Series)9781843404767
Hemachandra, Ray500 Art Quilts9781600590580Showcases five hundred contemporary quilts in fabric and other media, incorporating diverse designs, materials, and techniques.
Hirst, Barbara; Hirst, RoyRaised Embroidery9781853912030Raised embroidery - a craft form incorporating surface stitchery, needlelace and several other embroidery techniques - was enormously popular in the 17th century and has since enjoyed a revival. Compared with other types of embroidery which lend themselves to geometric patterns or to conveying nature, raised embroidery offers a medium for depicting human life.
Holmes, CasTextile Landscape9781849944359Textile Landscapes demonstrates how to develop your approach to textile art with a focus on using found objects and paint and stitch on cloth and paper. Cas explains how to exploit the contrast between the hands-on textural quality of working with fabrics and threads and the spontaneity and movement of brush marks to lend a painterly quality to your work. She begins with the basics – keeping a sketchbook to generate ideas, painting and stitching on cloth and on paper and working digitally; Inspiring Landscapes looks at natural and urban space, the changing seasons and great landscapes as well as intimate spaces and travel diaries; Painting and Marking with Cloth explains the practical aspects of painting and dyeing cloth and how to make connections between paint, print, dye, stencil and stitch; Stitch-scapes looks at the different forms of landscape, experimenting with photographs and prints and how to translate those images using ink, stitch, abstract and collage techniques and then at how to transform the image using digital techniques; On Closer Inspection covers using elements and details from landscape and the environment as found objects and for research; finally People and Place explores the relationship we have with the outdoors and the built environment, as well as personal interpretations of place. The book includes artworks by the author that explore the UK, USA, Europe and Australia, as well as works by other internationally renowned textile artists. A creative guide ideal for textile artists of all levels – students, teachers and practising artists and makers – to make unique and beautiful work inspired by the world around us.
Holmes, ValEncyclopedia of Machine Embroidery9781906388188An invaluable reference guide to the latest machine embroidery techniques, materials and equipment, all in handy A-Z format. Entries include correct tension settings, digitized motifs, enlarging patterns, fabric sculpture, gold thread, hand embroidery machines, interlaced machine stitches, lace techniques, multi-head machines, overlockers reverse stitching, smocking, understitching, whitework and many more. Embracing both free motion and computerised embroidery, this book contains all you need to know to make the most of your machine.
Holmes, ValThe Machine Embroiderer's Workbook9780713464085
Holt, AlisonMachine Embroidered Flowers, Woodlands and Landscapes9781844483457
Horrox, JanIntroduction to Making Cloth Dolls693508006225
Houston-Almqvist, JaneMountmellick Work9780851055121Mountmellick work is probably the best known style of Irish white embroidery. The richly decorative patterns of thick cotton thread depict natural forms, especially the abundant flora of the area. Although the practice has declined, the old paper patterns were preserved by local enthusiasts. The author had access to these while preparing this work, which is not only a history of the craft, but also a practical manual with many full-sized patterns.
Howard, ConstanceEmbroidery and Colour0713431253
Howard, ConstanceInspiration for Embroidery0713426187
Hulbert, AnneMachine Quilting and Padded Work9780713436624After an initial discussion of design, the book takes the reader, chapter by chapter, through the choice and use of fabrics, fillings and threads, stitching methods, transferring designs to fabric, and new and innovatory methods for quilting and padded work, as well as the conventional techniques. Help is given on avoiding puckering, on using unusual materials, and on those important final touches. Each aspect is clearly described and illustrated with photographs of finished work. The many line drawings serve both to explain and inspire. Throughout there are suggestions for new projects and pointers to all sorts of source material for design.
Ickis, MargueriteThe Standard Book of Quilt Making and Collecting
Issett, RuthGlorious Papers9780713486698This book shows you how to use papers to develop design ideas and employ decorated surfaces that will unlock your creativity, develop your skills, and give you the chance to practise colour mixing. The addition of a rich inky stream of pure colour to a paper surface has infinite potential and variety. The paper immediately changes, revealing hidden fibres and qualities, and the results cannot be predicted. This is the challenge of Glorious Papers: the combinations of paper, ink, paint and other media are so varied and infinite that no two papers need ever be the same. There may be similarities, but the next addition of colour or glaze or varnish can totally alter the effect. Lavishly illustrated and clearly written with 'recipe' style projects, this is a book to provide new avenues of creativity whether you are a textile artist, an interior designer, an artist or just want to create beautiful papers. Book jacket.
Jerstorp, Karin; Kohlmark, EvaThe Textile Design Book: Understanding and Creating Patterns, Using Texture, Shape and Colour (Hobby Craft)0713631309
Johnson, Georgette; Deacon, RichardQuilting9780855324100
Jones, DianaPatterns for Canvas Embroidery0713440147
Jones; Eirwen, MaryBritish Samplers9780713456349
Kay-Williams, SusanThe Story of Colour in Textiles9781408134504The colour and shade of dyed textiles were once as much an indicator of social class or position as the fabric itself and for centuries the recipes used by dyers were closely guarded secrets. The arrival of synthetic dyestuffs in the middle of the nineteenth century opened up a whole rainbow of options and within 50 years modern dyes had completely overturned the dyeing industry. From pre-history to the current day, the story of dyed textiles in Western Europe brings together the worlds of politics, money, the church, law, taxation, international trade and exploration, fashion, serendipity and science. This book is an introduction to a broad, diverse and fascinating subject of how and why people coloured textiles. A fresh review of this topic, this book brings previous scholars' work to light, alongside new discoveries and research.
Lach, DeniseCalligraphy9780500291214Calligraphy can be a very personal pathway to expore a multiplicity of design concepts. In this striking and original book, now available in paperback, images of the natural world are turned into a rich source of inspiration for a variety of calligraphy projects. Renowned calligrapher Denise Lach invites us to look closely at details and textures, expanding our powers of observation and finding creative ideas in the world around us. Using a range of writing tools and techniques, she takes a playful approach to written script, encouraging readers to look beyond legibility and use letterforms as building blocks, freely interpreting natural motifs to create beautiful calligraphic images. This is an invaluable sourcebook for both enthusiastic beginners and experienced calligraphers.
Langford, PatEmbroidery Ideas from Blackwork9780864178619
Lawther, GailInspirational Ideas for Embroidery on Clothes & Accessories9780855327118
Lawther, GailEmbroidered Alphabets9780855326524
Lemon, JaneEmbroidered Boxes & Other Construction Techniques057111606XThis classic text is the only practical guide to the specialist techniques of embroidered boxmaking--and a must for those learning this craft or for experienced embroiderers wanting to extend their repertoire. Here are instructions for constructing boxes from fabric-covered card, and extensive information on making bags, purses, cushions, curtains, blinds and book covers to enhance with a variety of stitchery.
Lemon, JaneMetal Thread Embroidery9780713487589With more than 200 beautiful color photos, and arranged in a handy A-to-Z format, this fully revised and updated classic on metal thread work is essential for any embroiderer. There's a wealth of information on this most challenging and exciting skill, from basic and specialized tools to materials such as sumptuous fabrics, golden threads, sequins, and precious stones. Every possible technique - ranging from 16th century Arabesque style to French Knots, Fretting, and Fringing - appears. They're all covered in detail and with easy-to-follow diagrams and close-up pictures. Take an inspiring look at articles, old and new, that feature metal thread embroidery, and use the gazetteer as a guide to places around the globe, from small town museums to world-famous cathedrals, which showcase the finest examples.
Leszner, Eva MariaAssisi Embroidery: Old Italian Cross Stitch Design9780713455953
Library, DMCTurkish Embroideries0486227049
Lindner, MichaelCreative Embroidery9780600501701
Littlejohn, JeanConnections
Littlejohn, JeanFabrics for Embroidery0713451122
Littlejohn, JeanVoluptuous Velvet
Littlejohn, JeanGiving Pleasue
Lockheed, LeeWool Embroidery and Design9780959017496Attractively illustrated book providing general information on embroidery and step-by-step instructions for projects such as blankets, cushions, jumpers and bathrobes. Includes a glossary of stitches, diagrams and patterns. The author has toured Australia lecturing and tutoring in embroidery.
Ludlow, MargaretTemari9781861080806“Virtually unknown outside Japan until recently, Temari consists of a ball core covered with plain sewing thread and finished on the outside with brightly colored embroidery thread in geometric designs. Twenty-two illustrated step-by-step projects for finishing the outside complete the book....An excellent and beautifully illustrated guide and is highly recommended for all crafts collections.”—Library Journal.
M?ller, BarbaraFlorentine Embroidery9780722518151
McClelland, ElizaTraditional Beadwork9781860191855This study focuses on the means employed by former slaves in Charleston, South Carolina to adjust to their new status as a free people and to battle attempts by whites to regain control over them. Using autobiographies, slave narratives, Freedmen's Bureau letters and papers, traveller's accounts, journals, diaries, personal letters and newspapers, this study attempts to understand how the freedmen saw themselves in the new order and to shed light on their hopes and aspirations, as well as examine the conditions of life under Reconstruction. A common thread running through this study is the determination of Charleston's freedmen to seize control over all aspects of their lives. Charleston's black population expected full citizenship and equal economic, social, and educational opportunities. Upon realizing that these expectations were not shared by the white population, they carefully plotted their strategy to obtain these desired ends.
McLaughlin, PatriciaPoints to Curves - One Step Further
McLaughlin, PatriciaStep by Step English Sampler Quilt Book
McNeill; M.Pulled Thread0263517349
Meech, SandraConnecting Art To Stitch9781906388102Designed for textile artists and quilters seeking innovative ways to advance their craft, the 30 short, structured exercises presented here will spur creativity and instill confidence. Each carefully photographed exercise is split into three components: experimenting with fine art techniques and various mediums, including sculpture, painting, and photography; developing skills through use of a sketchbook, collage, or mixed media; and turning the concept into a usable stitch. Scattered throughout the book are "Art Masterclasses,” which focus on such subjects as landscape, nature, the human form, and architecture.
Meech, SandraConnecting Design to Stitch9781849940245Celebrated quilt artist Sandra Meech's last book, Connecting Art to Stitch, explored the ways in which fine-art concepts can be taken into stitch to make outstanding pieces of quilt art. In this exciting new title, the author turns her attention to the rules of design, and how they can be harnessed – and broken – to inform your quilt-art work. You will learn how to recognise good design, and the immutable rules all designers need to know. The author's signature practical workshops and exercises help you translate these rules into your own textile work, stimulating your creativity and encouraging you to explore new textures, materials, techniques and compositions. Detailed analyses of textile artists' work provide a breakdown of how design rules can be applied. Illustrated with a wealth of inspirational images from the world's best quilt and textile artists, this beautiful book is a must-buy for everyone who wants to create better textile art.
Meech, SandraContemporary Quilts9780713488562Quilters yearning to extend their creativity and take their work to a higher level will find exactly what they're looking for in this unique guide. With more than 200 illustrations, plus the author's unique "Design Classes" and "Artist's Hints" in every chapter, it offers a fresh approach to the craft. The aim is to help those who know the basics to break away from the traditional block or prescribed pattern and build something original. A review of design and color principles shows how to find sources of inspiration and develop a theme, and quilters will also learn how to experiment on paper and cloth, use new stitching, and add embellishments. The templates and creative exercises will prove valuable again and again.
Messent, JanEmbroidery & Architecture0713437300
Messent, JanEmbroidery & Nature071341832X
Messent, JanDesign Sources for Pattern9780951634820
Messent, JanWool'N Magic9780855326142
Millodot, SuzenCeltic Knots for Beaded Jewellery9781844480548Knots are an enchanting feature of Celtic design, but until now they had only survived in manuscripts, carvings, etchings, pottery or embroidery. Now Suzen Millodot has created beautiful jewellery from real three-dimensional Celtic knots tied with cords and embellished with beads and pendants. Suzen demonstrates techniques such as button and braid knots, plaits and Turk's Head knots and shows how to use them to make eighteen stunning projects including necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches and earrings.
Mills, Crystal Elaine; Tubis, ArnoldFun with Folded Fabric Boxes9781571203991Quick and easy no-sew techniques for making useful and beautiful Origami boxes in a variety of sizes - fun to embellish!
Mitrofanis, EffieCasalguidi Style Linen Embroidery9780864177551
Moller, ElfriedeShibori9780855328955Pleated, twisted and folded fabrics are dyed to create vibrant patterns using the traditional Japanese technique of shibori. This book presents step-by-step instructions for using shibori.'"
Muriel, BestNeedlework School0289705312
Newhouse, SueHand Embroidered Country Scenes9780855328191Step-by-step sequences show the embroiderer how to create landscapes and gardens using a surprisingly small number of simple stitches. Newhouse illustrates her techniques and shows how to create your first country scene.
NoneThe Anchor Book of Counted Thread Embroidery Stitches9780715306307Anchor Books are recognized as the essential handy guides to the whole range of embroidery techniques.
NoneThe New Anchor Book of Counted Thread Embroidery Stitches9780715388624
Owen, RodrickThe Big Book of Sling and Rope Braids9780304348251This book explains the ancient art of rope braiding and includes 56 designs with step-by-step instructions accompanied by photos and line drawings. The instructions progress from the simplest 4-strand designs through to 8 and 16-strand braids.
Paine, SheilaChikan Embroidery9780747800095
Pascoe, MargaretBlackwork Embroidery: Technique and Design0713451459
Pascoe, MargaretBlackwork Embroidery: Technique and Design (A Batsford embroidery paperback)9780713451467
Pattullo, MandyTextile Collage9781849943741Textile artist and surface designer Mandy Pattullo marries fabric with collage techniques to produce beautiful pieces of art. In Textile Collage she shows a fresh way to use scraps and oddments of fabrics to create something unique and personal, while also being economical – perfect for those who have hoarded bits of fabric, trim and memory-filled domestic textiles over the years. Chapter one covers 'Materials': collecting and sourcing fabric including unpicking and storing found fabric. In chapter two, 'Make', Mandy guides you through all the artistic and creative elements that you need to consider to create a beautiful collage. The following chapter 'Portray' looks at piecing together a collaged portrait – human or animal – showing the figurative approach in collage work that includes transfer images and using found photographs. In the chapter 'Worn', the collage technique is used to embellish skirts, jackets and accessories. The final chapter 'Book' looks at the fabric book as a receptacle for textile collage, with a range of approaches and forms explored. This is a wonderful resource for all textilers looking to make the most of the found fabrics they love and fully explore the technique of collage with textiles.
Payne, BillSimple Stencilling : Includes Over 30 Stencil Designs, Plus Alphabet, to Add Flair to Your Home9782764104279
Phillips, MaggieAssisi Work. A New Approach
Pyman, KitGold and Silver Embroidery9780855325503
Pyman, Kit; Edwards, CaroleThe Harmony Guide to Decorative Needlecraft0711100128
Radcliffe, MargaretKnitting Answer Book9780715325759Written in a Q&A format, this reference provides on-hand advice whenever and wherever you need it. From needle sizes and yarn weights to dropped stitches, tight ribbing, chart reading and curling edges, the answer is only ever a few pages away.
Rankin, ChrisCreative Smocking9781887374330Smocking-decorative stitching over pleated fabric-has always adorned little girls' dresses, and you will learn how to use the traditional stitches in innovative and creative ways.
Rayment, JennieSerging for Softies9780952467571
Rayment, JennieStitch Bits9780952467502
Rayment, JennieTucks and Textures9780952467564Suitable for both the beginner and expert needlewoman, this book is filled with practical diagrams and simple instructions for creating textural samples. It explores the versatility of cathedral windows, the diversity of log cabin corners, the dynamics of vandalism and interlooking shapes, discloses the secrets of sculptured spheres, unveils the magic of microwave dying and explains the mysteries of Fibonacci's rabbits. Amongst the designs included in the book are projects on the Pilgrim Scrip and other bags, textured landscapes and a calico hat.
Rayment, JennieTucks, Textures and Pleats9780952467540
Risley, ChristineMachine Embroidery0289700981
Rudkin, LindaNatural Dyes9780713679557This book is part of the popular Textile Handbook series and is a complete how-to-do-it guide to obtaining a wide range of colors from natural dyes. It is suitable for the beginner as well as for the more experienced textile artist. The dyeing can be done in the home or the classroom with plants from the garden or bought in a local store. It is a comparatively cheap process that will also satisfy the craft person's desire to use 'green' methods in their work. Most books on natural dyes only deal with wool for weaving. This book will also cover yarns for embroidery. The book will be filled with step-by-step sequences, useful tips and the author's own work to show the amazing variety of colours that can be achieved by using natural materials. All in all, this is a comprehensive guide to using natural dyes that will also be an inspiration to all who want to explore the use of these dyes in imaginative ways.
Russell, PatDecorative Alphabets Through the Ages1851701583
Rutter, EstherThis Golden Fleece9781783784356A history of Britain's long love affair with wool, told through a year of knitting garments from around the British Isles.
Search, PressNeedle Crafts Smocking
Searle, TeresaEasy Felted Accessories9781844481736Teresa Searle demonstrates her unique method of combining felted knitting with applique and embroidery to produce a wide range of richly coloured accessories for children and adults. Projects include hats, mittens, slippers and scarves for adults and children, as well as jewellery such as brooches, hair clips and corsages. Felted knitting also presents opportunities for recycling that favourite sweater that has shrunk in the wash. Felted knitting can be made by placing pure wool knitting in a long wash in the washing machine. This produces a shrunk fabric with the feel and look of felt, but the flexibility of knit. It can be cut without fear of fraying, making it ideal for applique and embroidery projects.
Sebba, AnneSamplers0297777114
Shore, DebbieHalf Yard Christmas9781782211471Are you craving a crafty, creative Christmas? Featuring six themed chapters--rustic, traditional, contemporary, monochrome, Scandinavian, and kids--there's something for everyone in this book of 30 projects, each of which requires only a half yard of fabric.
Sloss, AndyHow to Draw Celtic Knotwork9781860198595Enables the novice to draw intricate Celtic-style knotwork without months of practice or any artistic training.
Snook, BarbaraEmbroidery Stitches
Stanley, MontseKnitting plus9780713460049
Steensen, Wenche O.Simple Cloth Daisy Dolls9781844489299In this irresistible collection of soft, cuddly dolls, the charming characters are all based on just one simple design. Gorgeous in their simplicity, the dolls' personalities are created cleverly with different hairstyles, clothes, and accessories. The basic model measures 16 to 18 inches in height and the materials used are pure cotton jersey and wool with very simple stitching to define the shapes. Suitable for beginners, the book includes detailed step-by-step photographs showing how to make the basic doll and beautiful close-up photographs of the finished dolls and their wardrobes. All the patterns are full size and the author offers plenty of tips and advice throughout. Whether new to doll making or experienced in the technique, crafters and sewers will love making these beautiful, appealing softies.
Sterbenz, Carol EndlerDecorating with giftwraps9780810924277Features instructions for decorating a variety of objects with giftwrap, from photograph albums and picture frames to jewelry and bandboxes
Sulcoski, Carol J.Yarn Substitution Made Easy9781454710639Trusted knitwear designer Carol J. Sulcolski provides solutions to the knitter's common conundrum: what yarn should I use? She offers a wealth of information, explaining what characteristics to consider when substituting yarn, how to calculate the quantity of yarn you'll need, and how to evaluate your swatches. Ten projects offer case studies of yarn substitution in action; each one features suitable alternatives and shows how yarn choice affects the finished item.
Swift, GayThe Batsford Encylopefia of Embroidery Techniques9780713467819
Synge, LantoThe Royal School of Needlework Book of Needlework and Embroidery9780004117102
Thurstan, ViolettaThe Use of Vegetable Dyes
Vasbinder, NicoleSuper Stitches Sewing9780770434793Offers illustrated tutorials for fifty machine sewing stitches and twenty hand stitches, covering stitches and their practical applications and showing new and experienced sewers alike the proper way to choose thread, needle, and fabric.
Venables, JaneThe Silk Painting Workshop9780715300008Explains for the beginner the art of batik and marbling, providing techniques and quick-fixes for problems, and discusses the use of color
Warner, PamelaTudor Treasures to Embroider9781861082497Even today, Tudor designs inspire fashion wherever people desire elegance and practicality. Bring these stylistic elements to 11 basic projects—with many variations—for home décor and personal accessories. Beautifully photographed finished projects combine with illustrated stitch patterns, captioned instructions, and shortcut diagrams to lead you through each step to a completed work.
Watts, PamelaEmbroidered Flowers9780713481617
Watts, PamelaMachine Embroidery9780855329938
Watts, PamelaMachine Embroidery. Ideas & Techniques9780713466447
Weir, Shelagh; Shahid, SerenePalestinian Embroidery9780714115917
Welch, NancyTassels: The Fanciful Embellishment0937274534
Wells, Carol WilcoxCreative Bead Weaving9781579900809A gorgeous guide to classic techniques for weaving beads with a loom. Readers learn a variety of stitches, then apply them in 25+ irresistible projects including simple earrings, baskets, evening bags, beaded sculptures, necklaces, and even baskets. Detailed but friendly instructions, for beginners to long-time beaders.
West, Deanna HallAn Encyclopedia of Ribbon Embroidery Flowers0881957038
Whiteaker, StaffordEnglish Countryside Embroidery
Whiteaker, StaffordEnglish Garden Embroidery
Wolff, ColetteThe Art of Manipulating Fabric9780801984969
Wood, MaryThe Craft of Temari9780855326531Temari is the ancient Japanese art of stitching and wrapping threads on to the surface of a ball to create brilliantly-colored embroidered shapes. With more than 200 design ideas, Mary Wood shares her enthusiasm for this fascinating and unusual craft.
Woolsey, JackieMaking Hand-sewn Boxes9781861080851Boxes and lids offer a perfect vehicle for needleworkers to showcase patchwork, quilting, and embroidery skills. Calling for surprisingly little fabric, they're great for finishing up remnants or indulging in an expensive textile. Make boxes with trays and dividers for jewelry, sewing supplies, or other small objects. All techniques are covered and a dazzling gallery of projects will inspire you.