Circles – August 2019

You may remember last year Lindsay S kindly organised a display of members work to exhibit at the West of England Quilt and Textile Show which takes place annually at the end of August at the University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol.  “Take a line” was so successful that members were keen to take part in the 2019 show.

This year Lindsay asked members to create a piece of work using a canvas 20 cms x 50 cms and include a circle/s somewhere in the design.  The technique, topic and colours was completely up to the individual.  

Thirty two canvases were submitted and just look at the wonderful variety of techniques, themes and colours.

Left to right:     
Image 1                                        
Chris C – Paper Circles, Fiona H – Hurricane Irma, Clare R – On Another Planet, Sally J – My Garden 
Image 2
Jackie B – Sepia Seeds, Tase W – Freshwater East, Linda W – Crop Circle, Judy J – Have you got any “O”s? 
Image 3
Dawn V – Pewsey Vale Circles, Annie F – Mid Summer, Nikki VW – Dandelions at Sunset, Jean F – Maytime       
Left to right:
Image 4
Julie B – Hubble Bubble, Sue F – The Windmills of your Mind, Kathy P – Five a day!, Diana K – Raggy Orange
Image 5
Maria F – Triffids and Roses, Robina O – Circles in Nature, Ros L – Kaffe Galaxy, Hazel P – Patchwork Orange
Image 6
Stephanie N – Eddies, Lindsay S – Diesel, Lexie Bray – Champagne Fizz, Christine H – Blue Planets
Left to right:
Image 7
Yvonne M – Emeralds & Amethysts, Lindsay S – Paua, Ann K – Rhapsody in Blue, Rosemary C – Circles Sampler
Image 8
Marion R – Solar System, Ann K – The Hare and the Moon, Ann S – Rusty Boats, Susan V – The Eyes Have It!

Some of the comments from the visitors!
Image 1 – Diana & Stephanie, Image 2 – Jackie & Nikki, Image 3 – Ros, Lindsay & Rosemary

​A very big thank you to Lindsay for organising everything, for designing the stand and for co-ordinating the project.  You are a star Lindsay!

Also a big thank you to members who went over to Bristol to talk to exhibition visitors about our wonderful work.  

Report by Ros
Photos by Ros and Lindsay

Take a Line – August 2018

Last year at a Guild meeting, Lindsay Sherwood came up with a great idea for showing the talents of members at the West Country Quilt and Textile Show held at the University of the West of England in Bristol from Thursday 30 August – Saturday 1 September.

The challenge was to create a piece of textile art in any colour and using any technique and materials, but with two provisos; the size of the piece would be 50 cms x 20 cms vertical and it would need some sort of line running through the piece 20 cms from the top.

Below are the 28 entries which were exhibited.  Click on any image and scroll through to see names.

Below helpers: 
Jackie & Lindsay                                Maria, Ann & Lindsay                Ros & Lindsay
​​ Stephanie,  Rosemary & Diana       Jackie & Ros
On behalf of the branch I would like to say very big “thank you” to Lindsay for all the organisation and hard work for this event.   

We are also grateful to Be Creative with Workbox for publishing Lindsay’s article and photos promoting our exhibition.

Report by Ros
​Photos  thanks to Lindsay

Summer Exhibition – June 2018

I have divided the images from our Summer Exhibition into sections, one for the overview and another for individual pieces.  I apologise to some members because, with the lighting in the hall and the fact that their work was displayed under glass, the images are not as good as I would have liked.   If anybody would like to send me a better image of their work I would be very happy to replace it and if I have omitted an image of your work I apologise and can easily insert it.

​The first few photos are of the organising committee, helpers and members demonstrating their various skills. 
Image 1 Amanda & Ann
Image 2 Christine H, Maria, Ann, Clare, Nikki, Margaret H & Susanne
Image 3 Ros, Ann & Clare (thanks to Sue from  See their website for the full article)
Image 4 Clare, Judy & Robina and a lady doing Turkey work (please send me her name someone!)

Overview photos of the display boards and tables.  The children’s project which Maria organised is under a separate posting before this one.
Individual pieces from the Summer Exhibition are displayed below.  I have not included any “Take a Line” exhibits on purpose, only an overview, because they will be posted in early September after the West of England Quilt and Textile Show to be held at the University of the West of England (UWE) on Thursday 30, Friday 31 August and Saturday 31 August.
Once more our grateful thanks to Ann S and her committee for making this Summer Exhibition 2018 such a great success and thank you to all our members who helped and submitted their work.

Report and photos by Ros


What wonderful imagination children have! Two years ago, a simple landscape background attached to a free standing frame was made by Maria Fraser for the Avebury Festival to encourage children to have a go at some textile artwork. The results were a few stitched flowers and clouds. It came out of storage for the exhibition last weekend and suddenly took on a new focus for the young would-be textile artists. Having seen the eclectic art styles adopted by the adults in the general displays, the children were keen to stamp their own individual creativity onto the work resulting in a wonderfully imaginative softly, cloud-strewn and sunshine-filled world where mermaids and whales share a virtual landscape with sheep, unicorns, horses and foxes! Of course, this is now no ordinary countryside scene, and  has been recognised as such by its new name – “The Magic Garden”- which was given to the work by one of the would-be artists Eva Fraser (aged 10), who is also a member of the Young Embroiderers’ Guild

2018 Summer Exhibition of Embroidery and Textile Art

Last weekend we organised a Summer Exhibition of Embroidery and Textile Art at Kennet Valley Hall.

When I have sorted all the photos of the event I will post them on this blog but in the meantime you can read the wonderful report from Marlborough News Online

People came from far and wide and it was great to chat to like minded people about the joy of stitch.  I must say it was a privilege to speak to Jan Messent whose work I have always admired and really exciting that she should come to our event.

A very big thank you to Ann S and her team for their hard work organising the weekend and to members who helped support the event by demonstrating, making cakes, taking the money, stewarding and of course to those who entered their work.

Report and photo  by Ros

SSAFA hearts to mark the centenary of Armistice Day 2018

Two members of our Guild, Eileen J and Fiona H have made hearts for SSAFA charity exhibitions around the country to mark the centenary of Armistice Day 2018. 

The first space used will be in The Young Gallery in Salisbury in June this year. 

Eileen’s heart is on the left and Fiona’s heart is on the right.

​Report and photos by Clare R

Chrisse Seager – West of England Quilt Show – November 2016

I visited the three day West of England Quilt Show yesterday in the exhibition hall at the University of West of England in north Bristol.  I wanted to share with everyone the work of Chrisse Seager who kindly looks after our website.  She had a number of quilts on display, some cushions and a beautiful quilted jacket.  Our congratulations for coming “runner up” for the Best in Show by a Professional – see centre image below.

By Ros

Ruby Celebration Exhibition of Textile Art and Embroidery – April 2016

Our exhibition was open to the public from Friday 22 April until Monday 25 April.  The Committee and members of the Guild took turns in helping Yvonne with the catering, sitting on the reception desk, selling cards, bags and hand made items on the Sales Table and  stewarding by chatting to people as they walked round and answering their questions.

On Friday evening we invited our husbands and a number of interested local people to a reception.  The Committee made a delicious selection of canapés and the Mayor of Marlborough, Mrs Margaret Rose kindly agreed to draw the raffle.  The South West Regional Chair of the Embroidery Guild, Val Rowe also came along to support the event and to view the exhibits.

Over the weekend we had a number of visitors – one lady, Edna from Wroughton was a branch member years ago and is now over 100 years old.  Another visitor arrived in her camper van all the way from Jersey.  She was so thrilled with the exhibition she came back a second day for a second look and to see Judy J’s bead demonstration.
In addition to the 100 exhibits from branch members we also had a Silent Auction of a sewing machine which had been given to us when they closed Urchfont College and group of ladies from the Merchant’s House in Marlborough kindly demonstrated turkey work each day

Sewcraft from Swindon kindly supported us by bringing a wonderful selection of their fabrics, threads and general haberdashery.  They were only planning to stay for three days but were so pleased with the arrangement they decided to stay for the complete time.  Very few people left without making a purchase from their stand and we are very grateful to them for their support.

Each half term and school holiday Christine Hill runs a session for the Young Embroiderers and their wonderful contribution of a tree of hands was on display for everybody to enjoy.  Below is one of the Young Embroiders pointing to her hand and also helping Robina stitch on a frame.
On a large table in the hall we had a wonderful display of exhibits which had been  inspired by Capability Brown. 
Just prior to the exhibition the Friends of Savernake Hospital kindly loaned us a hanging which had been made many years ago by a group of ladies under the guidance of Kaye Norris.  The images were of various ladies in history and visitors to the exhibition took great delight in guessing who they were.
The calico bags which we all embellished were a roaring success and several exhibits were sold to the public. 

Below are the red squares that members made for the Chairman’s Challenge  together with a selection of the exhibits.

Last but not least are some photos of work produced during Chris Cook’s Design to Stitch course and also work produced during our workshops.
 If you have any special photos taken over the weekend I would be pleased to receive them via email.

Report by Ros

Preparation for our Ruby Celebration Exhibition April 2016

We started planning for our Ruby Celebration Exhibition of Textile Art & Embroidery in the autumn of 2015.  A sub committee was formed with Ann Smith  in overall charge and we met on a regular basis to plan the event.  Below are some photos taken on Wednesday evening and Thursday when, under the guidance of Margaret Heath, the hall and the exhibits were prepared for display.
Report by Ros

Our Ruby Celebration Exhibition of Textile Art and Embroidery is under way!

This week I was thrilled to receive confirmation from Amber at Creative with Workbox that they had published an article written by Chris Cook in their January/February Edition.  Lorraine Lockwood helped Chris with the details as she was a member of Marlborough and District Embroiderers Guild 40 years ago.  Several items of her work are mentioned in the article together with some photos.  The large red embroidery is the work of Lindsay Sherwood.

If you would like a copy of this magazine follow the link below:

Report by Ros